OEM and ODM items for designated clients

DC to DC Converters, module types
Miniature package, SMD modular type, light weight in size, high efficiency, high reliability, low noise and ripple, protection against line voltage, ranging from 1 W to 25 W

AC Main Adaptors, Miniature Switchers
Linear or switching type, AC wall mount, regulated output, thermal fuse protection, single or multiple output, built to VDE0550/0551 EN60601 Temp class 050/070T

Electronic Ballast, Neon Transformer, Low-Voltage Transformers
High frequency, low temperature, instant soft start, energy saving - Electronic ballast for fluorescent tube, Neon tube, Sodium lamp, halogen lamp

Emergency lighting system

Emergency exit light, Energy saving lamps, Lighting system, Spot light, Ceiling lamp and fixtures

Ultrasonic Devices
Vapour degreaser, Electronic measurer, Pest control devices, Burglar alarm detecting devices, Domestic cleaning devices, Driving and parking aids

Circuit Breakers, Automatic Voltage Switchers
Volt-Guard, Automatic Voltage Switcher, Spike Arrestor Automatic voltage switchers, Voltage protectors, Volt-guard, Voltage arrestor, Line conditioner, Circuit breakers, Spike arrestors

DC to AC Power Converter
The PowerVerter® is an electronic device that converts low voltage DC from a battery or other DC power source to standard 110 volt and or 220 volt AC household power.

UPS Emergency Back-Up, Uninterruptible System
The Voltolier®UPS is an uninterruptible power supply which in the event of power failure, it instantly switching your computers or servers to emergency battery backup power and allows you to work through brief power outages without encountering of any data losses or downtime. Ranging from 500VA/300W, 650VA/390W, 1000VA/600W and 1200VA/720W.

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